Heat. Just heat.

Even with the benefits of air conditioning, cold beer, ice cubes and fruity mango pops, when the weather is as hot as it has been here the last few days everybody just sort of goes to ground. I’ve got to cram any meetings or drop-ins into a schedule before 11 a.m. every day if I want to find anybody in a conversive mood. Otherwise, it’s hard to conduct business when you walk into somebody’s office with the soles of your shoes half melted and sticking to everything.

Just another breezy day.

Just another breezy day.

On the way to a meeting yesterday morning, I stopped in at the McD’s in Belleview for one of their $1 fountain drinks. Even though it was only about 9:30, I was not alone. It seemed like there were 20 or so people all sitting around with cold drinks, all looking out the windows at the heat waves shimmering over the pavement and thinking ‘oh shit, I’ve got to go out there and work.’

A clutch of real estate agents (they’re easy to spot) who had been out making their end-of-the-week rounds of new MLS listings shuffled in as I was getting ready to leave. They had some serious perspiration going on. I wasn’t sure if they’d just been out walking around properties, or if they’d had a group splash in a swimming pool somewhere.

When the mercury is nudging up around 98 and 100, it tends to alter your daily routine. I’m seldom up at 7 a.m. on a Saturday morning, but this past weekend I sure as shootin’ had all of the yard mowing and outside chores around the Swamp finished by 9:30. Even then, it was nearly 90 by the time I was done.

The weather folks tell us we can look forward to a break in the heat the next few days, though. It’s only supposed to get up to around 92 or 93 the next couple of days.

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  1. Yep. We got into the low 100′s here in Seminole County south of you. It was hot. Now it’s wet. Beats hurricanes though.

    Just found the site tonight. I like it. I’m a wargamer and miniature gamer. I love Blood & Bridges. Looking to convert it into miniatures eventually. So many projects on my table.

    BTW I have a blog that I update every now and then.

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