Tinfoil hat, revisited

Back in March, I wrote a little post on the topic of counter storage trays. It’s been one of this blog’s more durably popular posts, which isn’t surprising when you consider that wargamers are nothing if not a big bunch of gearheads.

At the time, I was a little bummed because my supply of old Gamers counter trays was down to just one. I recycled a few more to accommodate a new game or two – but recycling counter trays isn’t my favorite activity because it strikes me as just one step short of giving some older game one of those rowdy, flaming-ship Viking funerals.

Fellow game dudes, today I’d like to share that I am one lucky gamegeek. Forgetful, but lucky. In yet another re-organization of my office and game gear (which are nearly inseperable, to my wife’s consternation), I chanced to open one of the big storage bins I keep under the Big Table. A collection of now-ancient rule books and notes for “Swords and Sorcery”. Notebooks full of hand-scribbled notes for writing projects that never got off the ground. A few GURPS books. Yep. In case you haven’t guessed it by now, underneath everything else I am a nerdly game-junkmeister.

Happy, happy, happy

Happy, happy, happy

The real treasure, however, was jammed absent-mindedly underneath the GURPS books. Eight – count ‘em! – eight never-before-used Gamers counter trays, complete with lids. And a bonus of three slightly used (and somewhat less useful) Avalon Hill counter trays – you know: the clear plastic trays with the hinged lids that didn’t always stay closed. They’re old enough the clear plastic has gone a little foggy, but they still seem sturdy and usable.

The gaming gods have indeed smiled upon me. The discovery of eleven un-used counter trays is an absolute windfall of good fortune.

Of course, I realize that “Honey, I just found more counter trays” won’t clear me with the missus to buy a stack of new games. I can but wish the world worked that way. But at least now my counters from Fields of Fire, Combat Commander: Pacific and Blood & Bridges will finally get the new home they so richly deserve. And I won’t have to strip down “Red Parachutes” to make it happen.

Oh, happy day.

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