NOT funny

I live in a Florida swamp for a number of reasons. Snow is not one of those reasons.

Early this morning, a dusting of snow and other frozen crud hit my swamp. I would like to call this to the attention of Homeland Security and the defense establishment because surely it’s the hostile act of some foreign power. It could not be a purely natural occurrence. Some evil, extra-territorial scientific genius must be behind the whole thing.

Below is a photo of the front of my truck, taken this morning. That is snow. SNOW, Gen. Schwartz, and as an American taxpayer I expect you and your Air Force boyz to solve this problem immediately. Russians? Space aliens? Norwegians? I don’t care who’s behind this – I want you to find them and .. deal.. with them.

Winter can be over now. Is it June yet?

Snow on my truck. In Florida. Damn.

Snow on my truck. In Florida. Damn.

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