Missing Inaction

Contrary to what it may appear, I ain’t dead — and neither is this blog.

Anybody see a pattern? It never fails. Things are rolling along, I’ve got a bunch of blogging irons in the fire and then poof! Real life interference blows the whole thing to hell and gone and it’s two months before I manage to remember that I have a blog.

In this instance, the real life interference is entirely my own doing. All of the blog damage is completely self-inflicted.

Some of you may have been thinking that one of the graphic artists or designers I panned in my ‘geometry’ post back in April showed up at my door with an old Macbook and clubbed me to death. Nope. I just decided to wander off and fiddle with something else for a while. It’s how I roll.

My not-quite-a-series-yet on game graphics and design will be continuing in print (in Battles magazine) and probably won’t reappear in this blog. I’ll revisit Dust Tactics at some point, I’m sure, but it will be a while.

There’s nothing really earth-shaking behind my throttling back here. Shortly after that April post on graphics I got hit in the head with the idea for another not-my-day-job writing project. That’s where 98 percent of my spare writing energy is going right now — and likely for some time to come. The project has advanced beyond the stage of me being smitten with creativity, which means I can normalize it into something of a schedule. With a little luck, that will leave me some time to post here more than once every two months.

I haven’t been entirely maniacal about writing, but pretty close. The newest board wargame that’s landed in the swamp is VPG’s “Leuthen” if that’s any indication. I’ve also poked around at the “Dust Warfare” miniatures rules. And there was that week spent at sea aboard a really, really, really big ship.

No promises, but I’ll try to have something here again that’s actually interesting in a week or two.

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