Warhammer 40k 6th Edition: Dark Vengeance

OK. Well…

Two months later, 40k stuff is still on the front burner — such as it is around here in slackerland. No real reason for the hiatus. Just one thing led to another and there was a nice, long break in the blog.

It’s true: Warhammer 40k 6th Edition has me moderately inspired to fiddle with the plastic crack again. I’ve been working on a batch of fresh figures and some vehicles that will finish off a hefty Space Marine roster I started in the wayback. Once I’ve gotten them all painted up, it will be just about time to move along to building some Chaos Space Marines.

I started collecting CSM quite a few years ago, right about the time the 4th Edition rules came out, I think. I’ve never built a single one of them. Oh, there are all kinds of excuses between the collecting and the table top. Different job, marriage, new house, smaller game space, bigger yard, kid, kid’s school, another different job, then back to the original different job. My goodness a lot has changed in the last 8 years or so…

And now, with the publication of Warhammer 40k 6th edition, here we are on the verge of a new Chaos Space Marines codex. Due out towards the end of this month (in conjunction with Games Day UK, I believe), the new CSM book will be the first codex released under 6th edition — although the 2011 publication of Codex Grey Knights contained a few hints of things to come. Before the end of October, according to the overseas Games Workshop rumor mill, some new CSM boxed sets will also be released.

Dark Vengeance starter box

A look at some of the new Chaos Space Marines models is available in the Dark Vengeance boxed set, which was released last month. I advance ordered one of the Limited Edition sets, so I’ve been ogling the figures for a while now.

I have to say I think Dark Vengeance is probably the best 40k starter box that GW has offered. I’ve had all of them — starting with 2nd Edition — and Dark Vengeance is definitely top of the heap in terms of figure quality and what it lets you put on the table top. Assault on Black Reach, which showed up with 5th edition, was also a good value with some very nice figures. Both sets are head and shoulders better than the 4th edition starter box, Battle for Macragge, which was pretty pathetic all the way around.

It’s interesting to see Chaos cultists get new sculpts that are sort of “normal”. A new cultist boxed set is among those rumored to be in the early release lineup. The new CSM Chosen models are also richly detailed — maybe even a bit fiddly — but they’ve got a lot of potential. The Hellbrute model looks simply amazing with all of the chaotic details included.

The new Dark Angels models in the box also deserve a mention. They clearly have a lot of Dark Angel iconography in the sculpts, so gamers who play a different flavor of Space Marine will have a challenge putting the models to use. With a couple of nice character models included (at least with the Limited Edition’s Interrogator-Chaplain), I suspect the force included in Dark Vengeance will lead to more than one player fielding some Dark Angels as an allied faction. The Deathwing Terminators are very nice models, and the small Ravenwing bike squadron has a lot of built-in Dark Angel flavor.

Of course, MSRP on the starter boxes is getting progressively higher as GW boosts prices every couple of years. The Dark Vengeance box is the priciest yet with an MSRP nearly twice that of 4th edition’s Battle for Macragge. Truthfully, I thought the Macragge set was pretty stinky. There wasn’t enough in there to do much of anything outside of the limited scenarios in the box. I suppose that’s the main point of a starter set — introducing people to the hobby — but a box set should give them a real feel for the depth of game play. Depth is the big grab, not just a light skim through the most basic charge-at-guys-with-guns part of the rules.

At any rate, the Chaos Space Marine models in Dark Vengeance will see my tabletop long before the Dark Angels dudes. Assuming that I finish up my Space Marines before my focus shifts to the next shiny new object in the gaming universe.

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