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It’s been a while since my last blog-eration (obviously), but that doesn’t mean the Not So Big Anymore Table (NSBAT) here at the swamp bunker hasn’t seen a fair amount of gaming. Heroes of Normandie remained in action for quite a while, although it was sadly back in the closet by the time the Commonwealth Army Box arrived. It’s an entertaining and good-looking game, though, so I’ll probably drag it back out soon enough.

Since HoN went into the closet, the NSBAT has hosted a few ASL scenarios to celebrate the arrival of the system’s re-engineered PTO module, Rising Sun. There was some miniatures building and painting, followed by a couple of large Warhammer 40k games on the (bigger) dining room table while the rest of the family was out of town — a project undertaken to mark the release of 40k’s 7th Edition rules. A few games of X-Wing miniatures, followed by an interlude of (gasp) empty table while I tinkered around with the new 2nd Edition Dark Heresy RPG rules set.

Borderlands 2 - you gotta love a game that gives you Badass Points.

Borderlands 2 – you gotta love a game that gives you Badass Points.

Then — presto — suddenly it was the season for a whole bunch of Kickstarter projects I supported in the wayback to begin arriving at the swamp bunker. Technically, the season … er, kicked off … with the arrival of Heroes of Normandie, but since then there was a bit of a break. All in the space of just a few weeks I received both games in Conquistador’s “War Stories”, Red Storm and Liberty Road; Tiny Epic Kingdoms; and both core game sets from Flying Frog’s “Shadows of Brimstone”, City of the Ancients and Swamp of Death. Also toss in there the new-ish 4th Edition release of GW’s classic Space Hulk, which wasn’t a Kickstarter but arrived in the same time frame.

The War Stories games arrived first, but I’d barely had time to sticker Liberty Road when a huge box full of Shadows of Brimtsone arrived. Shadows includes some nifty miniatures, stacks of cards, RPG-like elements wrapped into the rules, small buckets of dice, monsters, hot-swappable board sections and lots of colorful looking, um, color. Since it also works in solo mode, Shadows instantly moved to the head of the queue and deployed to the NSBAT.

I started with the City of the Ancients core box for no particular reason. Some assembly was required to get the miniatures in working order. They’re manufactured (and shipped) on sprues, so they had to be snipped loose, trimmed a bit, then glued together. There are four “hero” miniatures and a host of bad guys in each box. In a couple of instances the assembly got a bit fiddly, and all of the minis except the nasty little void spiders must be glued to a base. The minis aren’t the greatest sculpts I’ve ever put on the table, but they’re pretty good and the quality of manufacture seems consistently top-notch.

A quick side note. My minis for Shadows didn’t get painted. They might get paint jobs one of these days, but at the moment I barely have time for playing the thing. The Shadows minis get to join the long queue of unpainted plastic here at the swamp bunker.

Beyond that, just after the holidays I fell victim to a Steam sale and picked up a couple of games — including the couple-of-years-old-already shooter Borderlands 2. That’s a bit of a distraction because, frankly, it’s a danged good game with some writing that’s funny as hell — a good looking FPS that’s simply a hoot to play.

There. All caught up. Whew.


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