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This site is written and directed by me, the Internet’s original “Matt Foster”. I’m not one of those johnny-come-lately Matt Fosters that you find plastered all over Google. I’m the one that was showing up in search engines before search engines were cool.

Years ago – eons in Internet time – I was pretty much it for guys online with my name. I was a newspaper writer with a regular column published on the Internet. That’s back before “Internet publishing” became synonymous with simplicity and only gearheads and the techno-connected made regular appearances in cyberprint.

While the paper I worked for at the time was somewhat avant-garde concerning the Internet, the corporation that owned it unfortunately was not. The Internet, they understood, was absolutely not the way to drive shareholder value. I am no longer in the newspaper business, so it’s safe to assume that I decisively lost my final Internet argument with the corporate glitterati.

I make no claims to genius, foresight, aptitude, understanding or even general cleverness. But I will note that the direction they chose to take has indeed driven shareholder value – straight into the ground. I no longer own any company stock, but note for the record that it’s trading at roughly 20 percent of the value it held when I departed some nine years ago.

Driving shareholder value since 1851

Driving shareholder value since 1851

Nowadays I am a humble technology consultant and full-time Dad. As you may (or may not) guess from this blog’s title, my primary hobby and central leisure addiction is wargaming. I am cursed in that I enjoy both ‘board’ wargaming and ‘figure’ wargaming. My reading habits run to works of history, military history in particular.

In neither area do I claim any expertise – so if you’re a professional historian please do not feel that my observations or conclusions present any particular challenge to your given area of interest. You are no doubt much smarter than I, so please keep your debating skills safely under wraps in the full and victorious knowledge that I concede your point even before you make it.

Please enjoy this blog in the spirit in which it is intended, ever mindful of its official motto and central theme:

“Don’t think too much or you’ll hurt your head.”

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