Hulking Out

I have a theory.

About 15 years ago, shortly after SSI released the PC game “Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate”, somebody at Games Workshop behaved in a rude manner toward a computer programmer somewhere. Seeking vengeance, the programmer cursed Games Workshop. And that curse has stuck. Since Chaos Gate — 15 long years — every single computer game based on the very popular Warhammer 40k tabletop game franchise has been a disappointment.

Ready for my closeup CB
That’s all I can figure. There has to be a Curse of the Rude Englishman. I mean, the tabletop version of the game continues to thrive despite its ridiculous expense. Spin-off games like the third edition of Space Hulk and the Death Angel card game are popular and well-received. Fantasy Flight Games has several thriving lines of Warhammer 40k role playing games. The Black Library can’t print 40k themed books and fluff fast enough. Continue reading

Warhammer 40k 6th Edition: Dark Vengeance

OK. Well…

Two months later, 40k stuff is still on the front burner — such as it is around here in slackerland. No real reason for the hiatus. Just one thing led to another and there was a nice, long break in the blog.

It’s true: Warhammer 40k 6th Edition has me moderately inspired to fiddle with the plastic crack again. I’ve been working on a batch of fresh figures and some vehicles that will finish off a hefty Space Marine roster I started in the wayback. Once I’ve gotten them all painted up, it will be just about time to move along to building some Chaos Space Marines.

I started collecting CSM quite a few years ago, right about the time the 4th Edition rules came out, I think. I’ve never built a single one of them. Oh, there are all kinds of excuses between the collecting and the table top. Different job, marriage, new house, smaller game space, bigger yard, kid, kid’s school, another different job, then back to the original different job. My goodness a lot has changed in the last 8 years or so… Continue reading

Looking at More Changes in Warhammer 40k 6th Edition

I first got stuck in to Warhammer 40k right after the publication of the 3rd Edition rules, way back in 1998. I was familiar with the 40k 2nd edition rules, but hadn’t been captured by them. Something about 40kv3 clicked for me, though. My eight-foot table (this was before the onset of my domestic marrieditis) hosted plenty of knock-down, drag-out fights.

The new 6th edition rules feature the most extensive set of changes to the game system since that long-ago leap from 2nd to 3rd edition. Fourth and 5th editions featured changes of their own, of course, but many of them were minor, or updates that could be classified as either streamlining or clarifications. The 4th edition update, I remember, lavished quite a bit of attention on changes in the Assault Phase. They generated a lot of discussion at the time, but those changes were nothing like the new Assault Phase we’ve gotten with 40kv6. Continue reading

Warhammer 40k 6th Edition. Already?

As you might surmise from my long-ago recent posts on Dust Tactics, I am something of a plastic crack addict. I don’t know what it is about gaming with miniatures that grabs my attention so much — maybe it’s a throwback to all those days spent in backyard dirt piles with toy soldiers when I was 5 — but there it is.

I enjoy Dust Tactics, even though it’s not truly a “tabletop” battle game. And I was just starting to get a feel for Dust Warfare, the tabletop system for the same minis range, when along came Games Workshop’s release of the 6th Edition rulebook for Warhammer 40,000. While 40k wasn’t the first minis game I took up, it is the game that I’ve spent the most time and money on. So there wasn’t any question what was going to happen when the new edition rules came out. Yep, tabletop wargaming’s big dog is back on my blog. Continue reading